Jeremy Lister's (Josh Ronen Co-Write) 'Into The Wild' in Toyota National Sales Event Commerical
Templeton's 'Happy Home' in Grand Designs Australia Commerical
Gord Downie & Bob Rock's 'Lustre Parfait' in Hockey Night In Canada Teaser
Laroie's 'Fire Rising' in Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends To Die For
Emma Beko's '$' in Ardene ACW Collection Campaign
Do Make Say Think's 'Return, Return Again' in The Republic of Sarah, episode 12
Broken Social Scene's 'Stay Happy' in Sex/Life Episode 2
Heartstreets' 'Lucky Charm in Good Trouble Season 3, Episode 8
Aardwolves 'The Matchstick' as the theme song for the Wondery podcast Spy Affair
Josh Ronen's "Wake Me Up" in Grey's Anatomy 1707
Sela Bruce (Josh Ronen) "I'm Here" in Still Working 9 to 5 Documentary trailer
Safari Riot x Old Man Saxon's "I Will Carry You" in Malcolm and Marie Trailer
Aardwolves "Something Better Coming" in Heartland Season 14 Extended Trailer
Aardwolves' "Safe Place" in Hockey Central Montage
Little Scream's "Don't Wait For It" in Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15
Marcus Paquin ft Stacey's "Bad Things" in Batwoman Season 1 Episode 14
Heartstreets' "By You" in Good Trouble season 2 episode 10
Reuben and the Dark's "Hold Me Like A Fire" in 'Geodis' Commerical
Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF's "Hypocrite" in Chevrolet 'Canadian Dream' Commercial
TR/ST's "Sulk" in 'Death and Life of John F. Donovan' Film
Lowell "No Talk" in 'The Bold Type' Ep. 0105
Mesa Luna's "Dispel" in 'The Bold Type' Ep. 0107
Broken Social Scene's "Stay Happy" in 'SMILF' Ep. 0102
Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF's "Spirit" in VICE 'Living With Jaguars' Documentary
Lowell's "War Face" in 'Grey's Anatomy' Ep. 1401
Reuben And The Dark's "Bow and Arrow" in 'Travel Alberta' Commercial

Can't Find My Heart Playing Me Back Kiss Me You Fool Hold On Virtuous Circle roses Kiss Face