Tommy Hawkins


Two musicians meet at a Toronto studio.  Both are songwriters and producers. Both are multi-instrumentalists. Tommy Hawkins started out as most musical side projects do: strangers with mutual admiration looking for a way to work together.  Such was the studio journey that Hawksley Workman and Thomas D’Arcy embarked upon.

The writing and recording sessions happened casually over the span of five months between D’Arcy’s Toronto studio, Taurus Recording, and Workman’s rural HawksleytownV studio in Burk’s Falls.  The result of Tommy Hawkins’ simmering mid-evening jams is a six-song EP titled Amy.

The music starts aggressively, with D’Arcy singing almost unrecognizably at the top of his vocal range while Workman unabashedly rips flashy guitar solos as a nod to his secret love of hair metal.  The two trade off instruments as often as they do vocals, pushing each other to a slow and moody crescendo of cinematic cadence. By the sixth song, tempos have slowed but the intensity remains, playing out the downward spiral that is Amy. Amy was released on November 18, 2016 through TDM

More on Thomas D’Arcy and Hawksley Workman:

Thomas D’Arcy is a producer and composer living in Toronto, ON. Formerly of the band Small Sins, he has since released two solo records and EPs and placed well over 100 pieces of music in film and television. As owner and operator of Taurus Recording Studio, he has also co-written and produced for dozens of Canadian artists.

A staple of the Canadian arts scene for over 17 years, Hawksley Workman boasts a catalogue of 16 solo releases showcasing his now signature spectrum of sonic influence, from cabaret to electro-pop to anthemic rock and plenty in between. The accolades amassed include JUNO nods and wins and widespread critical acclaim. Many titles were self-recorded by Workman in his basement studio, long before home recording rigs’ rise to ubiquity.

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