Sam Jr


Nihilist fuzz-rock oozing evil? Buzzed out- fuzz? Oozing psychedelic-hippie haze? Fuzzily evil nihilist-rock haze? flutes? bongos? wah wah guitars?? Here’s your hot new fuzz, right here. The hot new fuzz. But judge for yourself. All I’m saying is, if you’re into hot fuzz, Sam Jr.’s new single “You Lock The Door I Broke The Window” is about to make you rather happy. “My concept for awhile writing songs was actually ‘What would the Dude’s band from The Big Lebowski sound like?’” laughs Sam, Jr., the titular architect behind this long-overdue solo stepping-out. “ I’m not sure it landed there at all, but Im trying to harness the easygoing nature and spirit of that character. I’m a hardwired optimist and a mellow person overall, and I want that to come across in the songs.” If you enjoy overdriven Stooges sleaze and expertly deployed noise of the Spacemen 3 / A Place to Bury Strangers variety and the thought of, say, T. Rex covering some of the more obscure B-sides on Barbed Wire Kisses or the Primal Scream who made XTRMNTR going back in time to remake Screamadelica with far more cynicism … well, that’s in the ballpark. But why give it all away? If it sounds like you’re gonna like it you’re probably gonna love it. More importantly, it sounds exactly the way Sam, Jr., wanted it to sound and he loves it. He went through a lot to get here. But maybe he had to go through a lot to get here.

You Lock The Door I Broke The Window