Old Man Saxon

Old Man Saxon is a rapper and has been since he was 13. His music has been featured in the HBO’s Silicon Valley and Madden Football commercials nationally. Most recently he’s opened for Ghostface Killah, Hieroglyphics and Oddisee. His music video for his hit single THE PERILS had over 100,000 YouTube hits in its’ first 24 hours of release. In the span of just a few years, Old Man Saxon has gone from broke & homeless to esteemed rap professor. Old Man Saxon is the past and future of hip hop. He is old school hip hop The old man embodies what hip hop comes from with his unique, and innovative perspective. Saxon is not always rapper that will have you contemplating how to make the world better. He makes music about “experiences” which can range from songs about painful heartbreak to songs about getting left at a party. Saxon’s stage presence is something that must be witnessed to fully understand. He has the energy of a punk band with the lyrical prowess of Jay-z on top of west coast beats. Don’t be surprised if you are caught just staring at the Old Man trying to figure out what exactly you’re watching, leaving you confused and entertained.