Josh Ronen


Josh Ronen is an American singer, songwriter and producer — born and raised in Chicago, IL— currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. After departing from Berklee College of Music in 2013, Josh moved to Nashville where his guitar work and dynamic yet effortlessly smooth/rich vocal tone landed him on major stages and led to collaborative opportunities with talents like Michael Omartian, Jimmy Lee Sloas and Dann Huff.

As a producer, Josh can shape simple organic sounds into otherworldly epics similar to Jose Gonzalez, or create the most intimate human moments from exaggerated synth beds a la Imogen Heap – skills which have led to increasing placements and opportunities within the sync community in recent years. In the writing room. Josh’s experience and diverse musical background bring a subtle sophistication to the music he helps to create, with a lyrical approach that feels timeless and familiar, yet always one step ahead of the listener’s expectations.

In the past few years, Josh has garnered numerous cuts and production credits, including Julia Cole (Major Bob), Somegirlnamedanna (Lava), Lance Carpenter (Show Dog), Josiah Siska (Black River), Jeremy Lister, Spencer Crandall, High Valley (Warner), Dylan Rockoff (Sunpop), and many more, as well as placements on the CW, the Young and The Restless, and the new Dolly Parton documentary.

In 2020 Josh signed a joint venture publishing deal with Demolition Music and Arts and Crafts. Josh is primed for a big year ahead and is only just getting started.


Jeremy Lister's (Josh Ronen Co-Write) 'Into The Wild' in Toyota National Sales Event Commerical
Josh Ronen's "Wake Me Up" in Grey's Anatomy 1707
Sela Bruce (Josh Ronen) "I'm Here" in Still Working 9 to 5 Documentary trailer
Wake Me Up