Farideh is Canadian indie pop artist whose music explores the metaphysical and relational.

She has been an award-winning folk musician her entire career until 2021, when suddenly she found herself experimenting with synth soundscapes and stripped-down 808 beats.

The result of which is, “Otherside of truth” the 2nd solo single release from Farideh. Produced by Timon Martin (producer for Grammy award winner, Kimbra), this song has an intimate lyrical style that is effortlessly melodic and haunting. The shimmering stacks of vocal layers make you feel like you’re swimming in sound.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Farideh is her sense of humour. While her music is thoughtful, serious, and multi-layered, her social media presence is full of comedic content that has you laughing out loud. You’ll want to follow her career trajectory because wherever she goes will be a surprise.

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