Apostle Of Hustle


Apostle of Hustle first took shape after a two-month sojourn in El Barrio Santo Suarez, in Havana, in 2001. This experience was mind blowing for Apostle of Hustle’s lead (Andrew Whiteman) from the ground up: the community, the fashion, the pace and the music. Whiteman returned to Toronto invigorated about a possible music that did not yet exist. Knowing he wanted to create it, Whiteman took up residency at a local dive as Apostle of Hustle, a quartet. The band played Brazilian and Cuban folk songs, as well as Tom Waits / PJ Harvey / Marc Ribot covers. Whiteman played guitar and tres; plus he recruited Dean Stone on drums and Julian Brown; an old buddy from the mid 90’s indie scene on upright bass. The fourth position was a kind of “open door” to whomever might show up on their nights…..



My Sword Hand's Anger Cheap Like Sebastien