You work off of inspiration and while you let it flow into tracks it becomes a diary and that entry becomes a piece of history. If you are ever inclined to remind yourself of who you were, you put it on, listen to it and go ‘oh yeah!’. Sometimes it might make you smile or laugh and sometimes it might make you cringe but it will always be a marker for who you were. You hope others make a connection and use this music to soundtrack the changing seasons to her/his own Years.

Years is a solo project by Ohad Benchetrit of Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene. His debut record of the same name was released on May 5, 2009.

Years was born from the wealth of music that Benchetrit had been gathering, but did not belong with his other projects. “I basically just wanted to use all of this material that I’d compiled on my hard drive,” he says, “songs that got started and never finished, or that were parts of other projects and never really got off the ground. So I started trying to finish that [unfinished] record. But in the process, I kept replacing the older songs, one song at a time. About a year later, I’d replaced them all. Years was the album I was left with.”

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