Ora Cogan


Ora Cogan is a unique artist who inhabits a sonic space somewhere between shoegaze, dark-wave & experimental. She has collaborated with a multitude of artists and recorded 8 albums to date leading her to be invited to perform at festivals worldwide and to tour extensively in North America & Europe.


Cogan can be strikingly sparse and overwhelmingly composed in the same sublime breath. She summons orchestral waves of violins and rolling psychedelic guitars, propelled forward by a voice that sweeps audiences away under a tsunami of blissful sonic complexity. – Sled Island Festival


While her lyrics focus on corporate greed and environmental degradation, her transcendent arrangements provide relief and hope. – Bandcamp


Ora’s music is effortlessly extravagant. This is not music made for passive listening, rather, it is something that needs to be experienced. Discorder Magazine

Kills sleepin' Secret