Emma Beko


When you first meet Emma Beko, you will see a girl with an infectious smile emanating positivity, but that is only because she uses her music to unleash the distress and anguish hiding inside this external appearance. Confronting her anxiety head-first through her craft, Emma mixes nostalgic songwriting with apocalyptic sounds to create her grungy but sensitive take on hip-hop, adorned by raw aesthetics.


Half Peruvian and half Canadian, Emma Beko was born in Budapest, grew up in Montreal and spent her last years of high school in New York City. Her love for hip-hop started at a young age and blossomed while she was immersed in New York’s vibrant rap culture. To her mother’s consternation she skipped class to spend time instead drinking 40’s by the water and listening to a Big L or GZA album. As she grew older Emma’s taste and influences evolved, ranging from Sevdaliza’s masterful productions to FKA Twig’s eerie vocals,  but the essence of her early hip-hop experiences never left her.


In the 2010s, Emma and her best-friend from grade school’s love of music serendipitously led to the creation of the duo Heartstreets. The two teenagers became a staple of Montreal’s music scene and were one of the few female-led hip-hop groups in Canada at the time. Almost a decade later, and more in tune with her artistry now than ever, Emma has re-introduced herself to the world as a solo artist. Following the release of 3 singles the rapper is making way for her upcoming project “BLUE”, a distilled and candid record in which she revisits her past while simultaneously propelling herself into the future.


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