Motivated by a love for all things cinematic, Vancouver-based trio Aardwolves combines Brian and Caleb Chan’s forward-thinking and innovative arrangements with Jordan Klassen’s subtly skillful topline. It can be a delicate balance when writers from different musical mediums collaborate. Too much difference in approach can feel kitschy or novel, but too much similarity can easily become flat and clashing. When singer-songwriter Klassen approached composer / scoring brothers the Chans about teaming up, it quickly became apparent that their musical synergy created something that extended beyond these traditional pitfalls.


Jordan has been writing and performing under his own name for 11 years, touring in Europe, North America, and Australia. His large repertoire of chart-topping songs have garnered over 10 million streams, as well an impressive slew of sync placements. The Chans are composition darlings, with scoring credits in live-action and animated series from 50 States Of Fright to My Little Pony and many more. Their diverse set of skills have also led to work with The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Kenyan Boys Choir, as well as various Juno and Leo award nominations. The result is a catalogue that has become a sync powerhouse, exploring the haunting and sinister one moment and lilting into the tranquil and sweet the next.


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