Arts & Crafts' leading modern/classic rock band Zeus returned with their third album, Classic Zeus, on September 2, 2014. The East Toronto-based foursome takes its essential vintage sound to new lightning heights with this collection of eleven brilliant pop songs that at once affirm and belie their timeless sound. Infectious tunes like "Miss My Friends" and "27 Is The New 17" hone the former fuzz of "Are You Going To Waste My Time?" – off sophomore record Busting Visions (2012) – with glinting production and Zeus' most varied and focused song-craft to date. Songs like "Bonnieview" and "Straight Through The Light" instil as their most mature creations yet, with a sound and sentiment distinctly familiar but uniquely their own. Classic Zeus is the eternal rock of an amazingly talented band thinking and playing at its best.

Are You Gonna' Waste My Time?
Miss My Friends
You Gotta' Teller